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Touch is the sports industry’s self-serve, interactive content creation platform. A low cost, self-serve or fully managed SaaS platform for clients to generate high performing, interactive fan engagement content at scale.

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Drive deep fan engagement and repeat usage on the back of an easy-to-use classic fantasy game

  • Easy to learn, harder to master
  • Dynamic scoring, live leaderboards, badges and user profiles to be the key pillars of fan engagement
  • Drives acquisition and retention private leagues where fans compete with friends, family and colleagues along with by public, global leagues
  • Innovative point scoring system that includes streaks, wildcards, boosters and bonus points
  • Great for creating engaging content


Our match predictor game is an in-tournament activation which is proven to deliver new user growth, daily engagement and unique social content opportunities.

Users predict each match of your competition and create challenges with friends and experts. Live Match updates allow users to track their points and social challenges as events happen in real-time, boosting in-match digital traffic and engagement.

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Bracket challenge

Our bracket challenge game is a pre-tournament activation which has proven to deliver incredible user growth and sponsor activation in the build-up to a tournament.

Users predict the group stages, knockout stages and create their champion. Users then share their bracket prediction on social media and register to play for prizes and against friends. We have consistently been trusted to deliver the official bracket challenge games for some of the biggest tournaments in sports.

Betting integration

We are able to integrate the odds feeds of a client’s betting partner or multiple odds. This can be geo or state by state targeted to display personalized betting promotions, based on the predictions a user has made.

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  1. Working with you to research, test and deploy new products/ideas that meet your commercial objectives
  2. Reaching new audiences and different fan types
  3. Scaling distribution to media partners and stakeholders
  4. Validated by fans, commercial needs and results

Gaming hub

Our Gamification Hub offers a central location for fans to engage with a personalised stream of your gaming and digital content.


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