Congratulations to Ivan from Philadelphia, who managed to pick every match outcome correctly in Round 26 to win $50,000 playing our Predict 6 product for MLS with BetMGM

Our Pick 6 format provides a casual prediction-based experience which blends match outcomes with player or match-based statistics. It has been designed to enable integration of a betting partner.

Users make picks on a selection of matches from each round of your competition. Picks are a blend of match outcome (e.g.home/draw/away) and Prop-Bets (e.g. Minute of the first goal). Users play for points and also a Jackpot for making every pick correct.

We are able to integrate the odds feeds of a client’s betting partner to display personalised betting promotions, based on the predictions a user has made.

US sportsbook users deliver an average margin of circa $600, and this game format has proven to convert 5-10% of game users to the betting partner.

See the game in action here